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innovation while ensuring data privacy, security & compliance.

Make Business Sense

Accelerate your speed of innovation while ensuring data privacy, security and compliance.

Fastest Time to Compliance

Get up and running and achieve full HIPAA compliance — plus PCI, GDPR, CCPA, SOC 2, and more — in days, not weeks, freeing you to do better things.

Secure Data Sharing

Build and manage the data sharing flows you need, within your organization and with third parties — 10GB was designed for safe sharing.

Unassailable Data Privacy

Rest easy knowing your PHI data is stored in a zero trust data privacy vault — the same solution Apple and Netflix built for themselves.

With 10gb’s Healthcare Vault, your sensitive data is kept isolated, encrypted, and fully secure, but remains usable in your workflows and data sharing.

Our unique approach to data security utilises multiple encryption and tokenization techniques that ensure optimal security, fast performance, and high levels of safe data usability.

10gb can put your vaults in one of our 6 owned secure data node in Europe and USA, while giving you total control over data residency and data access, so you can quickly and easily meet any residency requirement.

Our design services starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy that builds brands.

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How It Works?

10gb’s Healthcare Vault isolates, encrypts, and protects sensitive PHI and PII data, while allowing safe use and sharing.

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Use 10gb API

Use our unified APIs to send and receive data in encrypted, tokenized or redacted form, with other parts of your own systems, or share with partners and agencies.

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Create R.A.P.

Create RBAC, ABAC, and/or PBAC policies to define how sensitive data is accessed and used. Every action is logged and auditable.

One Vault, Many Solutions


— Your Dev Team Will Love Working with 10gb

Your Dev Team Will Love Working with 10gb

10gb is an API-first platform built by developers for developers. Easily build entire applications on top of sensitive data while keeping it secure and maintaining privacy. Plus 10gb is customizable and extensible, so you can quickly adapt to changing policy needs, or new opportunities

01. PII Data Privacy Vault

02. Oper. GDPR from the Data Layer

PCI Compliance in Min